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The Applets here are created using MIT's App Inventor Beta, mostly as a product of my learning process in the Android environment. They have been tested on devices I have access to. App Inventor is a block based development environment. The resultant code that was eventually compiled into the apk was compiler generated, Other than to say I have tested them on devices that I have access to with no ill effects, I claim no responsibility for the effects of your use. And you do have to enable installation of unknown sources on your settings to install them.

QR code for Gattaca

Gattaca is the first app written, like others, it is modified from App Inventor samples, the graphic is traced from a picture of an IKEA toy, when not crashing, it plays an engine start sound and vibrate when the truck is pressed. On tilt sensor activation (when you shake the phone) it will play revving sound and vibrate. That's it, just a little toyification for my kids. Hello world!

Gattaca 0.4: a yellow and black truck toy on an android screen

QR code for colours

Colours is an attempt at an education app to teach my kids to pronounce name of colors, and myself on how to use the text to speech engine. Still cannot make the US spec phones to speak Cantonese. Was able to code the Chinese characters into the buttons tho.

Colours app: colored boxes with english and chinese color names

QR code for Brownfanta

Brownfanta is unfinished, it is the most ambitious but also potentially most useful of the apps presented here. When finished, it will generate an automatic report logging milage (calculated) and arrival / departure times from pre-assigned zones. The other end of the application happens at the other end where a php script running on a server will make use of the gathered data. Like four-square I know, and there are plenty of other apps that can generate GPS location logs, but this is specific to a route service (like a bus stop or a delivery route) with hot zones, so a dispatch can be informed in real time the status of the fleet.

Brownfanta app: a listing of mileage, arrival time, departure time, and store or in transit
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