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Some of the best animations are low resolution animations. Take a look at The Duck Song. With a crappy animation that could have been drawn by a two year old, it has over 500 million views. Why? Similar to Tom and Jerry, the Duck Song employs tactics that are subtle enough to make the viewer like it. When you look at a screen, you tend to notice most, if not all details. It is similar to autism. While autism is not bad, it disables the ability to look at and focus at a single point. It is the same thing when you look at a screen. You have to notice everything. However, with simple animations, your brain can focus on what is happening. This is why games with extremely complex HUDS(heads up displays) are annoying to play. Minecraft took off because of its simplicity. Not because it is an extremely complex game. A simple animation can also let you focus in what is actually happening, making the story more funny.

In both the Duck Song and Tom and Jerry, it is very obvious to see the amount of work put into the music. In Tom and Jerry, the sound effects and the music are what really get you. While the slapstick humor is extremely funny, along with the smart ways that the characters hurt each other, the sound effects add that nice touch to it. The music does the same. This is also why stories with Tom and Jerry in it simply fail. In the Duck Song, you can actually see visible effort in the music and audio. The song lines up with the lyrics. When the song does not line up, the creator put “Bump bump bump” in to fill in the gaps. Furthermore, the man running the stand ends his words, the duck uses words that rhyme with it. For example, when the man said, “Can I get you a glass?”, the duck says, “I’ll pass.” The glass and pass rhyme. This is crucial, because it fits with each other and lets to song go smoothly.

In The Duck Song 2, the lyrics and music are obviously off. While the first one has the amazing effort in rhyming lyrics and matching lyrics, the second song does not. The “corner store“ does not go with the music, because the amount of syllables are off. The “woman” is a clear effort at gender equality, but I’m sorry to say that it does not fit with the music. Also, when the woman offers grape drinks, it also does not go with the music. The creator made another obvious, not very subtle attempt to rhyme, but it just does not go with the music.

In The Duck Song 3, it is obvious that the music is horrendous. It does not go with the original theme, the lyrics, and the storyline is not a duck bullying a human. It just is not funny anymore! I mean, the creator made an obvious attempt, but it’s just not the original, and it does not have the charm that the old Duck Song had.

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