Cereal is usually a non-controversial topic. You go into the store, buy some cereal, go home, and next morning, you eat it. However, like many people, you may find yourself stuck in the cereal isle, unsure of what to buy. You might especially get stuck with name brand and generic brand cereals. Just as I was the other day, stuck deciding between Frosted Flakes by Kellogs™, or Frosted Flakes by Sunny Select™. If you are stuck deciding about the prices, you can always look at the bottom right (this may differ based on cereals) and it will tell you how much per ounce. While this is important, it is also essential to keep another thing in mind. The quality of the cereal will matter a lot. For example, the generic brand (Sunny Select, made by the store's own company) in this example is cheaper, whereas the name brand is slightly more expensive. However, you need to keep quality in mind. Personally, I prefer the Kellogs cereal more, because they put more frosting on it. It also tastes better with milk. Conversely, the Sunny Select cereal is less sugary, and more bland with milk. The upside for the Sunny Select cereal is that it is cheaper. Then again, if you are trying to not gain weight, you might want the less sugary option, which, helpfully, is cheaper.

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