We have for years proven ourselves against the capitalist scum. We have always been more advanced in the great space race. We have always been ahead.

For years Comrade Bob Kerman has piloted our spaceships and put himself and the frontier in the face of danger, for the Motherland. He has served the Motherland for years, putting his duty ahead of his personal safety or personal gain. He was put in front of all the dangerous rockets, all the dangerous experiments. He was never willing to waver in the face of danger

More than once Comrade Bob Kerman did serve the Motherland in the face of danger, and now he will depart from this world and serve the Motherland in a higher place. Bob has sacrificed himself when his ship was jeopardized. He destroyed his ship in the pursuit of saving the technology.

Actual mission log

For the Motherland!

All planets and names are credited to Kerbal Space Program.

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