Do you need to cure the living daylights out of your villagers so you can get enchantments? Well here's the information you need, you stingy dishonest capitalist.

Enchanted books

Level Experience
1 5-19
2 8-32
3 11-45
4 14-58
5 17-71

With applicable cure levels for one emerald per book

Level Cures
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 3
5 4

Cure discounts

If enchanted book is a treasure item, then double cost

Cures and discounts for regular items: -5C where C is cures

For Armors, tools, weapons, fishing rods, shields, bells, maps, saddles, horse armor, and enchanted books:

-20C where C is cures

Name: choose something

Max level: idk man

Treasure: prob no

Cost without cure for max level: probably something high

Cures needed for 1 emerald for max level: above 1 duh

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