The Vienneta

This ice cream is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Oh, sure, you have experienced the novelty section of ice cream, and think you know a lot about new types of ice cream. But the Vienneta is built like a lasagna, with chocolate layers intermixed. The chocolate layers are only in the center of the ice cream, and the regular vanilla ice cream outer layers are ruffled in a fashion that the luxury eat. And when you bite into it, oh, does it taste good. The chocolate layers crumple between your teeth, and the ice cream tastes better than anything else. With such an amazing taste, you might find it hard to share the Vienneta. However, with the wrinkles in the vanilla ice cream, it is extremely easy to divide and consume. Last time, the British creators pulled out of the American market 30 years ago, so get it while you can!

A box of vienneta
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