Budchoo.com 2

According to the Wayback Machine, the last time budchoo.com was updated before the creation of this site was July 7 2019, 8:41:44 Post Meridiem. Since, then it has been down.

This is a recreation of it based on a slightly outdated Wayback Machine capture of budchoo.com. It was created by some random person who was bored. That should partially explain why it's so bad.

This site is mostly a word for word copy of the original (with a few 'corrections' and a few additions). Some outdated things, such as Herbs and Sales, have been removed because they may be gone. Additionally, some unarchived media is gone. There are a few other ways the original site has been ruined

Now, time for criticism.

Things wrong with individual pages

index budchoo2 LED driving Old code Robotic motor control Monster clicker Mobile software development 0.1 Mobile software development 0.2 High voltage power supply Connector babel Computer controlled holiday lights The Programmable Computer Controlled Remote Control Car project The Programmable Computer Controlled Intelligent Battery Charger project Cooler Crawler crap/index Minecraft villager enchantment trades KSP Vienneta Cereal 2012 Bad animations
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2023-3-11 lol so many problem

2023-3-11 imagine need reload to post

2023-3-11 just reload the comment section

2023-3-11 delete test comment

2023-3-11 too lazy bruh

2023-3-16 All these listed issues cannot hide the awesome fact that once again, it exists.

2024-1-5 weird reply system